Financial Services

We, Global Technology Group, established a financial institution under the authority of the Central Bank of Myanmar in 2014. It delivers reliable and sustainable Services to our society. Our main objectives are to render financial services to people, provide career opportunities and help growth of small and medium enterprises in this emerging market.

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Products & Services

We offer our products and services with suitable or reasonable prices to help our clients who want to lift their business or financial conditions up.

Commercial Loan

One of our aims is to develop the SME sector of our country by supporting and empowering entrepreneurs who want to set up new businesses or SME and extend their existing businesses.

Small Loan

Our Small loan program is ready to offer and help the employees who need the financial support for urgent purchase or other emergency needs with a flexible low interest rate.

Long Term Staff Loan

This program is planned for the experienced staff who want to buy a car, apartment or other their need with loan term loan.

Hire Purchase

Global Innovations Finance Company Limited offer the hire purchase program for you and your families.

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