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The Rice ATM is jointly developed by Kinetic Internet Pleodata Myanmar, Myanmar Trillion Group young engineers, Global Technology Company and MICTDC have donated rice to help the people during the Covid period.
In an effort to meet the current exigencies faced by Myanmar as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, on 15 July 2020 lunched Rice ATM at Myanmar ICT Park for the basic people who are struggling due to the pandemic.
A system that automatically extracts rice by free QR code get from the Internet .

For people without phones and elders who might have difficult to using the technology, they can register at the Global Technology office to receive a QR Code to widthdraw rice.
For the advantage of rice ATM, its can cuts out the need for close human interaction, and provides rice for those in need.

Around 50 persons have taken rice out each day since the machine was first day launched. The Rice ATM can service between 80 to 100 persons per day.
The program is very popular among locals, particurlarly those who don’t have a regular income. One person in each family will be able to acquire rice every other day.

Rice ATMs that automatically produce rice for the irregular income persons during the lock down/pandemic period
The current system is a trust system. No one is allowed to pick up anything without registration, and anyone who really needs it can bring it.

If you want to withdraw from Rice ATM Machine,

Step 1: Global Technology Company Phone: 01654871 ~ 5 Contact us for the date of withdrawal.

Step 2: Register at the link below and get the QR code

Step 3: In accordance with the regulations issued by the Ministry of Health and Sports during the Covid – 19 period, each person can be systematically collected at a distance of 6 feet per person. .

Don’t forget to bring a mask. . .